EGL Sales Tracking Order

I've ordered quite a few things online these past few days (over $700 worth! >_<)   I decided to create a list of my items so that I won't forget what I purchased.

MintyMix Pink & Lavender Wig with falls
Seller: MINTYMIXCOM   Status: Sent June 3rd   Proof: Tracking   Method: Priority Mail
Received: June 29 --> excellent packaging & cute freebie! ^^

AP Jewelry Jelly OP in Mint  
Seller: TDOLISA   Status: Sent June 10th   Proof: Receipt   Method: USPS
Received: July 4 --> excellent packaging! ^^

Seller: KAWAIIGOODS   Status: Sent June 10th   Proof: Tracking+picture   Method: USPS
Received: July 4 --> excellent packaging & cute freebie! ^^

Brown Long Wig
Seller: Rosalinesse   Status: Sent June 14th   Proof: Receipt + delivery custom receipt   Method: USPS
Received: July 11th --> nice packaging

White Leg Avenue Petti
Seller: Kimonocake  Status: Sent June 15th   Proof: Pictures + custom receipt   Method: USPS Airmail Received: July 13 --> cute packaging

Anna House blouse in white
Seller: CJCHAN01   Status: Sent June 15th   Proof: Custom receipt   Method: USPS
Received: July 8th

Secret Shop socks in Sax
Seller: Breakwhore  Status: Sent June 18th~19th   Proof: Receipt   Method: Priority
Received: July 13 --> excellent packaging

Bodyline Strawberry Purse in Pink
Seller: Annarawr   Status: Sent June 27th   Proof: Receipt   Method: ???
Received: July 14

Miranda Boots
Seller: Chesire Cat  Status: Sent June 28th   Proof: Paypal Receipt   Method: Canada Post Expedited
Received: July 13 --> excellent packaging

Headbow & 2 rings Seller: EMAUREENM  Status: Sent July 5th   Proof: Receipt   Method: First Class
Received: July 14 --> beautiful packaging!!

Milky Chan Replica JSK
Seller: WIKIPATTERN  Status: Sent July 15   Proof: ---   Method: ---
Received: July 21

Bodyline floral JSK in Wine Seller:
SEPHI708  Status: Sent Aug 1  Proof: Receipt & custom form   Method: First class
Received: Aug 11

IW Classical Chair JSK
Seller: ONMYOUDIX  Status: Sent July 30  Proof: ---   Method: ---
Received: --> bad condition, ink marks & cat hair

Blue Milky Planet JSK
Status: sent July 27  Proof: tracking 
Received: Aug 10 --> tight packaging & awesome product! :D

Crown necklace
Seller: SARAHALLISO  Status: sent July 27  Proof: Photo, receipt, custom form  Method: airmail
Received: Aug 12

Anna house Blouse & Bodyline hair band
Seller:  Status: Will send Monday  Proof:--- Method: ----

Received: Wonderful packaging!

Juliette et Justine Lucky Pack

Seller: JetJ  Status: sent Aug 22  Proof: confirmation and tracking  Method: EMS
Received: after only 3 days!--> excellent packaging and wonderful pack!

IW Forest of Animals replica
Seller: SMILYIRIS Status: sent Aug 24   Proof: receipt  Method: ???

AaTP Beauty and the Rose Promist OP in ivory
Seller: nicole anderson  Status: sent Aug 25  Proof: receipt  Method: USPS

Bodyline shoes
Seller: Amanda Tea  Status: will send out Wednesday  Proof:   Method:


Sample dress ups for Contest

So here are my dress ups... I only did a few, because I didn't know if you would like them or preferred brighter colored moupee dress ups.... But yeah, here are a few to give you an idea of my closet (I have some more clothes but I just wanted to see what your preference was first... and I can also change the color and hairstyle to suit your poupee girl's, just tell me! ^^)